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Natural Estrogen and Progesterone Treatment of menopause
Treatment with Human Growth Hormone
Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
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Specializing in Natural, Prescription Bioidentical Hormone Replacement,  Complex Endocrine Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Infectious Diseases, Fatigue Syndromes and Neurological Illnesses.

  • Hypothyroidism & Low Thyroid Syndromes
  • Adrenal Insufficiency
  • Human Growth Hormone Replacement
  • Natural Bioidentical Estrogen & Progesterone
  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Treatment of Fibromyalgia
  • Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Infectious Disease with Emphasis on Chronic Infections 
  • Neuralgic Disorders
  • Fatigue Syndromes


Also read this groundbreaking review by Dr. Holtorf in a major medical journal regarding current controversies in endocrinology

The chapter discusses:

  • How standard thyroid tests miss the majority of patients with low thyroid and how to diagnose and treat such cases.
  • The risk and benefits of the use of growth hormone and aging
  • The benefits of bioidentical hormones
  • The benefits of testosterone replacement in men and women
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“New Analysis Uncovers Safer, More Effective Way Of Delivering Hormone Replacement Therapy For Postmenopausal Women”
Comprehensive review of clinical literature reveals bioidentical hormones provide improved symptomatic and cardiovascular benefits over synthetic HRT while reducing the risk of breast cancer.
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Our Specialty Patient Treatments

Treatment of Hypothyroidism and other Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid deficiency is extremely common but goes undetected by standard thyroid tests. The thyroid is located just below your Adam’s apple at the front of your neck. Thyroid disorders can affect our sense of well-being, our metabolism and our ability to ward off viruses and bacteria. Some of the most common symptoms of low thyroid are weight gain, depression, fatigue, nonrefreshing sleep, anxiety/panic attacks, brittle nails, constipation, diffuse hair loss, sensitivity to cold, significantly calloused heels, chronic yeast infections and even infertility. We specialize in comprehensive testing to properly diagnose any thyroid deficiencies which may exist. Standard testing does not pick up 80% of patients who have low thyroid. Our treatment options for this condition are state of the art as we customize and have compounded for you bioidentical thyroid which exactly mimics what your body should normally produce. The amazing results include weight loss, and enhanced sense of well being, resolution of hair loss, improved skin tone, and enhanced immunity, which wards off chronic infections, increased energy and significantly reduced risk for cancer and heart disease.
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Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
Symptoms of these diseases include flu-like fatigue and pain that can be severe, a constant feeling of exhaustion, body aches, muscle stiffness and pain, insomnia, cognitive dysfunction “fibro-fog”, and irritable bowel syndrome. Oftentimes any combination of these symptoms can diminish your quality of life and in severe cases can inhibit a person from being able to carry out basic daily life functions. We specialize in the treatment of these syndromes. First, we stabilize the patient and address any hormone imbalances. Low adrenals, low thyroid and low growth hormone are amongst the many components which are reviewed by the physician. Included is the treatment of any infectious components of these illnesses such as Epstein Barr (EBV), Herpes Virus 6 (HHV6) or a multitude of other viruses, intracellular bacteria or yeast, which most often lead to or exacerbate these syndromes. Lastly is the mitochondrial treatment, which enables normal functioning of the muscles with the absence of pain and a renewed surge of energy followed by the maintenance phase, which is designed to maintain the renewed energy and improve functioning. Kent Holtorf, M.D. was the founding Medical Director for the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers which utilizes the latest medical research in treating these diseases.
Link to CFIDS/Fibromyalgia Page

Age Management Medicine
Age Management Medicine is defined as preventive medicine focused on regaining and maintaining optimal health and vigor. This medical specialty incorporates accepted markers of disease-risk into proactive patient management and uses hormone optimization that yield superior health outcomes. Age Management Medicine focuses on synergistic treatment modalities to enhance vitality and extend our health span (years of health and wellbeing). While we may or may not be able to increase longevity, we are able to prevent premature disability and death and enhance quality of life. We do not make claims of life extension or of reversing the aging process.

Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue
Low adrenal function is often very common, but often missed by standard blood tests. Low levels of adrenal cortisol can result in the following: hypoglycemia, fatigue, muscle aches, low blood sugar, sugar or salt craving, shakiness relieved with eating, moodiness, food sensitivities, allergies, recurrent infections, life stressful when symptoms began, dizzy when standing, low blood pressure, decrease ability to handle stress, decreased cognitive ability “brain fog”, swollen ankles-worse in PM, hypoglycemia under stress, a need to lie down or rest after psychological or emotional stress, muscular weakness, difficulty getting out of bed, wiped out with exercise and/or inability to tolerate thyroid replacement. Proper treatment can have profound effects.

Treatment for PMS-Pre Menstrual Syndrome
PMS is characterized by a clustering of symptoms in the premenstruum (before the period). Irritability, lethargy and depression are a triad of symptoms that are often present with this condition. Other symptoms may include, breast swelling, water retention, food cravings, severe constipation, hot flashes, migraines, back pain, fibrocystic breasts, weight gain and acne. PMS is an estrogen dominant condition and often associated with low thyroid. It can be associated with ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts. Laboratory analysis and evaluation of your particular symptoms will determine our course of action

Treatment for Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids and Fibrocystic Breasts
See above

Treatment for Migraine Headaches
Migraines are four times more common in women than in men. Typically onset is at puberty and they disappear at menopause. Migraines can but not always worsen around the two days before and the first two days of menstruation. This is thought to occur because estrogen and progesterone levels drop suddenly before and during menstruation, this causes spasms in the blood vessels at the base of the neck and can be responsible for severe headaches. Low adrenal function and low thyroid can also be the cause of migraines. Natural, bioidentical, transdermal estrogen and prescription strength natural progesterone in olive oil frequently relieves severe hormone related headaches. Unique uses of medications in combination with natural treatments can be very effective in eliminating migraines. A complete laboratory analysis can tell us which of many variables may be causing your migraines and a customized profile utilizing the latest medical advancements will be implemented to resolve migraine reoccurrences.

Treatment for Perimenopause and Menopausal Symptoms
Perimenopause is the 5-15 year span around menopause when ovarian hormone production begins declining. Blood tests can confirm if you are approaching or are currently menopausal. There are some very proactive approaches to take when this time comes to remarkably enhance your health and vitality and prevent the early onset of degenerative diseases, excess weight gain and depression which statistically can accompany this new stage in your life. Nutritional and hormone laboratory analysis can be a wonderful tool in maximizing your health to feel and be the best that you have ever been. Many natural prescriptions and non-prescription supplements boost collagen production in our skin, help tone sagging muscles, boost immunity and energy levels, rejuvenate hair and nails, aid with sleep, eradicate hot flashes, boost brain function and these are only a few benefits. If you are currently on synthetic hormones such as Premarin or Provera, it is an excellent time to explore your many options with natural, bio-identical replacement which gives you all the wonderful benefits above, without compromising your health and well-being. There are over 20 years of medical studies on natural hormones showing their safety and remarkable health benefits.
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Treatment and Prevention of Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancers and other Cancers
Breast cancer is most prevalent in women over 50 years of age and who are in menopause. While estrogen levels drop during menopause so do many other anti-aging, cell protective hormones such as melatonin, thyroid, testosterone, estriol, progesterone and DHEA. Lack of these hormones are related to the aging process. In addition, as men and women age, the immune system becomes less efficient, increasing the likelihood of developing cancer. Medical studies show that women who have had multiple pregnancies tend to have the lowest breast cancer risk. Studies show that the high levels of hormones in pregnancy, including estriol and natural progesterone (not Premarin and Provera/progestins) protect women from breast cancer. Ratios of estrogen metabolites (16-OH/2-0H estrone) can also be checked to identify an increased risk of breast and other cancers. Treatment and reversal of such risk factors and immune system enhancers can help as adjunctive treatments for cancer and prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of cancer. We can also run state-of-the-art laboratory tests to determine your risk for developing cancer and integrate anti-cancer strategies into treatments to significantly reduce your risk.

Treatment for Type II Diabetes and other Metabolic Disorders
This is a condition where the cells become resistant to the hormone insulin. Insulin is the hormone that lowers blood sugars, so in order to keep blood sugar levels normal, the body must produce increasing levels of insulin. This increased insulin production results in continual weight gain and an increased risk for heart disease and cancer. Our laboratory testing can detect pre-diabetes 20 years earlier than the standard blood test, thus we can prevent diabetes. We have achieved excellent success in reversing those already diagnosed and preventing any future health complications.

Treatment for Digestive Problems/Acid Reflux Disease
Those of us plagued with digestive disorders often find the problem to be uncomfortable, problematic and sometimes embarrassing. Digestive disorders over time can suppress your body’s natural ability to absorb and assimilate critical nutrients from the stomach. Many prescriptions medications suppress your stomach’s ability to produce enough acid to properly digest food. This faulty treatment assumes that your body is producing too much stomach acid, but newer medical evidence seems to indicate that the opposite is actually happening. Many digestive problems are a result of not producing enough digestive enzymes and acid to dissolve and digest food. As a result, undigested food sits in the stomach and intestines causing gas and upset in the digestive tract. Oftentimes yeast and other bacteria flourish and critical vital nutrients are never assimilated to be distributed properly and expeditiously to the cells. Bloating, gas, diarrhea, acid reflux and even malnutrition can occur. Sometimes the symptoms are so severe that they interfere with ones ability to conduct normal day to day activities. We treat this disorder with long term success.

Treatment for Low Libido
Decreased sex drive can affect both males and females at any time during their life. Sometimes chronic stress over a period of time suppresses our body’s abilities to produce testosterone and other hormones necessary for sexual desire. Laboratory testing can measure your testosterone levels to determine if they are within an optimal (not just normal range). Testosterone is the hormone in the body which arouses desire, promotes fantasies and makes you feel more in love. We also offer natural treatments for men who suffer from lack of excitement about or during sex and/or erectile dysfunction. Growth hormone and thyroid optimization has also been shown to be an effective treatment for low libido.
Link to Testosterone page

Treatment for Candida and other Fungal/Bacterial Overgrowth
Bloating following meals, coated tongue and fatigue are a few of the most common symptoms of Candida. Can also contribute to symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Build Bone Density without Foamex
Decreased bone density is of great concern as frality is one of the leading causes of debility amongst aging adults. There are numerous proactive steps to take to prevent bone loss early on. Blood tests for bone breakdown products can be a more effective means in detecting accelerated bone loss before bone density tests become abnormal and to monitor successful treatments. Bisphosphonates such as Fosamax and Boniva inhibit normal remodeling of bone, which results in unhealthy, brittle bone and can result in osteonecrosis. Superior natural treatments can produces more effective reversal of bone loss and improve bone density more than such medications.

Prevent Heart Disease, Lower Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol Levels the Healthful Way
There are many causes and risk factors for heart disease, including inflammation, high cholesterol, low testosterone, low thyroid, low estrogen, low growth hormone, hypertension, high lipoprotein A, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, high homocystine, nutritional deficiencies and excessive oxidation, to name a few. There are numerous tests that are shown to be more important markers of an increased risk of coronary artery disease than cholesterol, yet very few physicians utilize this critical laboratory components and do not utilize risk reduction therapies (natural and prescription) other than targeting cholesterol levels. Natural therapies can be very effective in modulating such risk factors.

Americans make more than 30 million visits to doctors’ offices each year because of high blood pressure. For the majority of us, sooner or later our blood pressure is going to get too high. The artery walls lose their flexibility and no longer dilate well with each heartbeat; the rigidity of the walls increases the pressure within the arteries-increasing blood pressure. High blood pressure accelerates the aging of the heart and blood vessels causing atherosclerosis and increased risk for heart disease and heart attack. The constant threat to a person with high blood pressure is suffering a stroke. One of the many components that we will check is your thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones keep the arterial wall flexible and blood pressure stable. Without sufficient thyroid hormones, waste accumulates between the cells of the arterial walls, slowing the entry of nutrients into the cells, thereby disturbing their proper functioning. A swelling forms around the waste pileup, swelling the arterial walls and limiting their flexibility. Blood pressure rises. Thyroid replacement as well as other natural therapies can restore healthy blood pressure. Heart health can often be achieved by obtaining specialized laboratory tests and treating the underlying physiological cause of the problem.

Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis
We utilize the latest and most advanced medical treatments for MS and have obtained excellent results. If you or a loved one suffers with this illness, let us know so that we may be of assistance.

Treatment of Short Stature
There are numerous studies documenting the presence of psychological and social maladjustment and decreased quality of life in children with idiopathic (unknown cause) short stature. Children with short stature are shown to be at disadvantage throughout life. Growth hormone has long been used to treat children with short stature to improve final height, but most pediatric endocrinologists, however, will only consider treatment for the children that are the shortest one percent of the population for their age. Parents are often convinced to wait and see how the growth progresses and ultimately wait too long until little can be done. While there is uncertainty surrounding the eventual outcome of height with treatment with growth hormone, there is a long history of documented safety. In addition, newer treatments that include aromatase inhibitors and non-aromatizable androgens can significantly improve the effectiveness of growth hormone treatment in these children. They delay the epispyseal closure and allow for a greater time in which growth occurs. This combination therapy can not only improve the effectiveness of treatment, but also decrease the costs associated with treatment, as less growth hormone can be used to achieve the same benefit.

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