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Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
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Patient Testimonials

Tracey D.

I feel like I could write a book describing the excruciatingly painful and frustrating battle I've gone through for so many, many years since my health first began to decline.  Suffice it to say, that fifteen months ago, just before I found Dr. Wightman and Holtorf Medical Group, I was in such bad shape that I sincerely did not believe that I would survive another year.  I felt in my heart that I would die very soon if I couldn't find a doctor who knew what was wrong with me; and by that, I mean the root problem of all my illnesses.  I'm writing this testimonial because I want other people to hold on to the hope that there are doctors out there who can help.  It angers me that so many people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia cannot get help, and/or are not believed by other doctors or family members that there truly is something wrong with us.  I'm writing this to give someone else hope that finally you've found the right doctors to help you.  I personally sought help through more than fifteen doctors on both coasts, all in major metropolitan areas; most of them endocrinologists; but I also saw gastroenterologists, neurologists, cardiologists, and an immunologist.  Over the years I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, several chronic viral infections, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, yet none of the doctors I went to were able to help me feel better.  The immunologist who found the viral infections and also confirmed the fm and CFS told me "I know you're in a lot of pain, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help you.  Not enough is known about CFS and these viruses yet." 
I first started searching for a doctor to help me with my fatigue over sixteen years ago.  After numerous blood tests over the period of a year, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid disease and was prescribed Synthroid.  It helped a little, but I never felt healthy and energetic ever again.  Within the first year of my illness, still in my twenties, I went from being extremely athletic to sleeping all day on my days off and even falling asleep standing up on many occasions.  Additionally, my once beautiful hair began to fall out, I started bruising easily, my periods became irregular and nearly unbearable with horrific pain and clots, my finger nails were brittle, my legs always hurt, deep down in the muscle tissue, and yes, I gained weight, even though I was eating less than I used to eat.  Sometimes, if I was really fatigued my vision would turn black and white instead of color, and I would feel light headed and dizzy.  Every year the fatigue worsened and the pain worsened.  I started getting severe headaches, something I never had when I was younger.  I started getting cold easier.  I used to be the one who was always hot.  I started getting sick easier.  Before sixteen years ago, I never missed a day of work or a day of high school. Then one year I started feeling fatigued and pain nearly all the time. Even after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroid disease and taking the prescribed Synthroid, I continued having all the classic symptoms of low thyroid function and I argued repeatedly with numerous endocrinologists that I was not on the right thyroid medicine.  They all argued back that tests already showed that they were prescribing too much Synthroid for me.  I argued repeatedly through the years that they cannot rely on standard TSH, T3, and T4 blood test to judge how much Synthroid to prescribe.  I said it made no sense to medicate me according to those standard tests that did not show any indication of my Hashimoto's in the first place.  It is not logical to use tests that don't even show my problem.  Needless to say I was extremely frustrated by many doctors who were not knowledgeable enough to help me. 
About seven years ago, my health had declined so much that I had to start keeping my house at 84 degrees through the nights.  Otherwise I would wake up with a sore throat, congestion and fever.  I started getting migraine headaches on a daily basis.  My fm pain increased horribly.  For the last five years before I found Holtorf Medical Group, I was only eating between 800 and 1000 calories per day, literally, and even though I was on my feet all day at work, I was still gaining weight.  I had gotten to a very tight size 16, top and bottom and I weighed over 200 lbs.  My endocrinologist rolled her eyes and said, "well, you're obviously not counting everything you eat."    She didn't believe me.  I insisted that I was reading labels and counting everything.  I told her my metabolism was extremely slow and I thought I needed more thyroid medicine.  I worked through my pain.  Luckily I have a high tolerance for pain.  My once spotless home became a chronic mess because I was always too exhausted to do any chores after work.  I had stacks of mail and paper work sitting throughout the house, awaiting a time when my head was clear enough to deal with paperwork.  I got behind on paying bills, not because I didn't have the money, but because I didn't have the energy and the cognizance I needed to deal with paperwork.  What I needed was sleep.  For six years I slept 18-20 hours on my days off so that I could make it through the next work week.  The last year before I found Dr. Wightman, I was having to sleep in my car during my lunch break so that I could function at least somewhat the second half of my work day.  Then I would have to sleep again after work before I could safely navigate the ten mile drive home from work.  I got to the point that every step I took was an effort.  I bought a medic alert bracelet because I felt so weak all the time that I knew eventually that someone would find me on the floor.  I couldn't think straight.  My head was always in a fog.  My memory was going.  My ability to multi-task was gone.  Sometimes I could not absorb information at work at all.  I even started dropping consonants when I spoke.  I could hear my speech impediment but I couldn't do anything to correct it.  I knew I was losing brain function and I was scared.  I started regularly misjudging distances.  I walked into things regularly, including walls and doorways in my own home.
For several years I could feel my heart beating funny when I was fatigued.  I even showed positive for myocardial ischemia on a static EKG.  However when I was referred to a cardiologist, he dismissed it because the problem didn't occur during a treadmill EKG.  I've learned since then that if myocardial ischemia is due to a lack of oxygen, it will not usually show up on a treadmill EKG and that people with this problem usually have heart failure at rest. (I always described my deep muscle pain to doctors as feeling like my muscles are lacking oxygen). 
I was finally asked to leave work because I couldn't function anymore, despite my determination to work past the pain.  My brain fogs were too debilitating to get my work done.  My human resources director asked me to go home and not to come back until I was 100% healthy.  I told her "you don't understand.  I won't get better.  I've searched for doctors for years and I can't find one who can help me."  I had no choice.  Effective immediately, I was no longer allowed to work. 
I went straight to my endocrinologist.  I had a low grade fever, ulcerative colitis, constant migraines everyday for more than a year, constant deep muscle pain plus sporadic random stabs of pain throughout my body, at a rate of more than 300 stabs of pain in a five minute period that I counted.  I had blurred vision for the first couple hours after waking up each and everyday.  By the time I showered each morning, I needed to go back to bed I was so exhausted.  My ability to judge distances was impaired throughout the day, everyday.  My body was covered in a rash of tiny red dots.  My feet were completely calloused.  My hands and elbows were dry.  My big toes and the tips of the rest of my toes had all been completely numb for more than three years. I had numerous hang nails on my fingers.  I scarred from scratches where the skin wasn't even broken.  I had lost over one third of my hair.  My skin was thin.  You could see the tiny blood vessels through my fragile skin.  My brain fogs were so bad that my Mom said that at times it seemed like I had Alzheimer’s  She often found me standing with a blank expression on my face, not knowing what I should be doing or where I was.  I woke up in pain and I went to bed with pain.  I was miserable and I felt like I could die at any moment.  My endocrinologist ran lots of blood tests, everything that she knew to check.  I saw her three times in the first twelve days after I was sent home from work.  I was sleeping eighteen to twenty hours per day and waking up tired! On the third visit she went over all my blood test.  She had not found anything new that she didn't already know about.  So therefore her conclusion was that I was making up all the symptoms and that it was a psychological problem.  She suggested that I take anti-depressents that she wanted to prescribe for my "attitude of tiredness!!"  I couldn't believe she said it!  When I questioned her disbelief in my report of my symptoms, she said that she ran every test she could possibly run and none of the tests show any problems that could cause any pain or loss of brain function that I was describing.  She told me that nothing proves any of the symptoms that I reported.  I begged her not to stop searching for the cause of my weak immune system and all my pain.  She said there were no other tests that she could run, and she suggested that I see a psychiatrist.  I went home and cried myself to sleep.  During the crying I prayed again for God to help me find a doctor.  I sobbed tears of hopelessness. 
When I woke up, something made me go to my computer and research my illnesses once again.  It had been awhile since I had researched it on my own.  I couldn't believe what I found!  My prayers were answered!!  The third website I went to after Googling chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, was the Holtorf Medical Group website.  I read about a reverse T3 thyroid condition, and I knew right away that I had it, and that was why the standard TSH, T3 and T4 tests never showed my problem.  The more information I read on this website, the more problems I related to my own health.  When I read the patient testimonials, I cried when I read one that described a patient's health before finding Dr. Wightman.  It was just like how I felt.  I cried because for the first time in fifteen years I felt real hope that I finally found the right doctors who could help me feel better; help me to live again, and maybe help me before I end up with brain disease or heart disease, which I felt was imminent in my not so distant future.
I was in such bad shape that I had very few friends, and didn't see the ones I still had, simply because I had no energy to do anything.  I couldn't even stay awake through a movie at home, much less go out and be sociable.  All I had done for many years was work and sleep; work and sleep.  I did nothing fun because I couldn't.  I was always too fatigued and in excruciating pain. 
When I first saw Dr. Wightman he spent a full hour with me, discussing my health, inside and out, throughout my life, so that he could identify when my health started to decline and what the progression was.  I knew very quickly that he was far more knowledgeable than any other doctor I had ever seen.  He was also caring and understanding.  He actually spoke to me as if he believed all the symptoms I was telling him.  Finally Dr. Wightman told me "you're a mess!  And the bad thing is that we're going to find a lot more wrong than what your other doctors have already found.  Before my first appointment, I had faxed all blood tests done by my endocrinologist, my gastroenterologist, a cardiologist, a neurologist, and an immunologist, within the previous six months.  Without duplicating any of the tests, Dr. Wightman ordered so many additional tests that I had 32 test tubes of blood drawn that morning!!  He is extremely thorough!! 
The problem is that when your immune system is shot for so many years, that it is no longer just one problem.  It is many problems.  The doctors at Holtorf Medical Group know this.  They will not dismiss you as other doctors have.  They will use their knowledge along with your own knowledge of how your health has changed; and they will partner with you to help you get better.  Most of my health issues went undiagnosed for over fifteen years.  Dr. Wightman discovered many conditions that he was able to correct or put in remission.  Having gone so many years without help, my complications are such that my health may never return 100%, but it is a hell of a lot better, if I can say that!!  I go to bed looking forward to waking up without pain in the mornings.  I don't walk into walls anymore.  My memory has improved.  I don't have migraines everyday anymore; only when I over do it.  I don't have as much pain.  My vision and distance perception is much improved.  I only sleep about ten hours during the night and I take an afternoon nap of a half hour to two hours each day.  I can take care of myself again.  I look so much better that I often get compliments at church.  My hair is growing back and it is growing shiny and healthy!  My periods don't hurt anymore.  I don't have low grade fever and congestion everyday anymore, and I keep my thermostat set at a normal 72 degrees now!  My skin looks much healthier on my face, hands and feet.  And of course, a really cool thing is:  I've lost lots of weight!!  I now wear a size 10 on the top and a size 6 on the bottom.  I lost all that weight while actually eating more than I did the previous five years.  I now eat an average of 1500 calories per day and I lose weight.  It's amazing what the right thyroid medicine and the right vitamins and hormones will do for you!!
Oh, and by the way, Dr. Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Group strongly believe in all natural medicine and nutrients for patient treatment. 
In closing, let me say this.  If your condition is as bad as mine was, don't expect to be 100% better overnight.  My migraines and my pain improved the very first visit, but the fatigue and the brain fogs improved slowly over time.  I still continue to get better and stronger with each passing month.  My family and close friends and I all agree that my recovery is a miracle.  There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Wightman and Holtorf Medical Group saved my life.  Now that I know the severity of some of my health issues, I know that it is truly amazing that I am still alive today.  I owe my life and my regained strength and energy to Dr. Wightman and Holtorf Medical Group.  I believe that God works through many people and that he brings people into our lives for a reason.  If you saw me fifteen months ago and then saw me again now, you would see the miraculous difference in me and my health and you would have hope that the same is possible for you.  I have so much of my health back that I also have my smile back!
To Dr. Wightman and Dr. Holtorf, and their entire staff, I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing each of you whenever I walk into your office.  God Bless You All.

Steve B.

I would like to thank Dr Wayne Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Group for turning my health around. Dr Wightman correctly found the causes of weight and health issues that had existed for 15 years. For years, I spent a lot of time and money on care that left me a 315 lb hormone wreck. I was tired of taking thyroid medicine that seemed to make my weight worse and not better, I was tired all the time, and not getting the answers from all the different doctors and specialists I had seen. I was close to giving up, but someone recommended the Holtorf Medical Group and I read the site and said “Hey, that’s me too.” It’s been just over 12 months since I saw Dr Wightman and things have changed a lot. I dropped to 190 lb and never felt better. The symptoms of thyroid and adrenal problems cleared up enough that people don’t recognize me, and even my driver’s license and passport photos get me in trouble “Hey this huge guy in this photo does not look like you, etc..” I went from 4X shirts to medium, and have a 36” waist that was a huge bulge one year ago. I spent 15 years chasing weight and medical problems that were linked to even more trouble before that; 5 years of ulcerative colitis. I got that corrected, but not after some significant surgery and a couple years of strong medicine – Prednisone. I kept working during the years I had ulcerative colitis, but it was pretty stressful and when it was over, I just wanted to take a break! Not long after I got the ulcerative colitis corrected, I started piling on weight. I tried hard to exercise it off, with no luck. I ate a lowfat diet and was very active, and grew anyway to 245, then 260, then 280. No diet ever seemed to work. I saw a specialist and he found my triglycerides to be way off the chart high, but had no explanation since I was so active. I then developed most of the symptoms of hypothyroid, and this was confirmed with a very high TSH. For years, I took synthroid but the weight stayed on and got worse. I wasn’t happy with it and suspicious that something was missing. I would always ask endocrinologists why the high triglycerides and aren’t we missing something? They never had a good answer. At my first visit to Holtorf, Dr Wightman pretty much figured out my case just from listening to my story and checking what medicine I was on. I was on a lot of Synthroid and huge in size, so he suspected (and later confirmed) reverse T3 syndrome. This was complicated by adrenal failure that I am pretty sure dates back even farther than the thyroid, but no one knew. I took his advice on diet and the supplements he said would clear up the things that were so out of balance in blood tests. I started hormones, including pure T3, and things really cleared up. I lost 10 pounds a month until I got to 190. I could write a whole page on the problems that went away when the weight did. It’s just been remarkable.

Thanks again Dr Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Center for having such a great program and figuring out problems no one else could.
Steve Age 48

Sherry A.

I highly recommend Dr. Holtorf. In fact, there is no doctor I would recommend more highly. When I first came to the Holtorf medical randygroup, I was barely functioning. I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for about 7 years, and had endured all the usual symptoms in various degrees from moderate to severe. I was truly miserable. I had complex metabolic problems, had tried to find the right combination of medicines and herbs, etc. without success and was extremely weary of the whole process. I suffered extreme instability in my daily functioning. After years of fruitless and exhausting experimentation, it was very clear to my husband and I that I was not getting better. I was losing hope that I would ever participate in life again.

Before going to Holtorf Medical Group, I had seen other doctors, both mainstream and "alternative". My regular medical group denied that I had this disorder, that this disorder even existed, or that anything was wrong with me. Although I had severe symptoms, they offered nothing. I then went to an "alternative physician" who experimented with various treatments, one of which one was very grueling and difficult to endure for several months, which did not work. This doctor did not understand why (and was irritated by the fact that) the treatments did not work, but was unwilling to examine the situation more deeply or offer further assistance to improve my condition. My health was very unstable and I was still suffering. I had a consultation with an endocrinologist whose diagnosis was simply that I was depressed because I hadn’t worked recently, and another "alternative physician", very expensive, who had been in practice many years (and supposedly an expert) but was completely baffled by my symptoms. What do all these people have in common? They are unfortunately practicing medicine, even calling themselves "specialists" but do not have the knowledge base and diagnostic skills to assess and treat the kind of complex symptoms that occur in Chronic Fatigue and other systemic disorders. Dr. Holtorf does. His knowledge and skills are second to none. He knows "how to put it all together." He is at least 50 years ahead of everybody else.

In addition, Dr. Holtorf has a really wonderful approach to patient care. First of all, he has a treatment protocol right from the beginning which you can read about on his website. (How many doctors do that?) When you walk into the lobby, there is a wealth of information and patient literature available to educate you. He substantiates all his recommendations by quoting specific studies and scientific research. Also, he offers a lot of treatment options, which is quite significant, and tailors the treatment to each patient’s specific needs. I was touched that his empathy for patient suffering was also evident in a sign on the counter to the effect that you can feel better right away on your first visit!

I am happy to report, that for the first time in 8 years, my health is stabilizing and my functioning has improved tremendously. Dr. Holtorf’s treatment recommendations and intuitive insight were right on target. I feel now that I have my life back, that I have a future. I can actually make some plans. After years of struggling and experimenting with things that don’t help, I feel so fortunate to have finally found the right doctor, and the right medication. Thank you so much, Dr. Holtorf!

Pua, John, Kai D.

Dear Dr. Holtorf: 

We were so glad to hear from you through Pam yesterday.  We are so embarrassed by how much time has passed since ending our meds and moving forward with detox.  It was just a 'bit' ago that we spoke with Jo to get your inhouse schedule so that we could stop by and actually see you.  Since then, work managed to become a little complicated (and time consuming) know how that can go...and a few orthopedic fix-up jobs became necessary for me.  We never forgot our promise to write a good letter regarding our amazing experience with you.  It has been written...however, we had desired to give it to you in person rather than via email...and then, all of this 'life' stuff started to happen.

WE are immensely grateful for you having given us our lives back. There is not a day goes by when we do not thank the powers above for bringing us to your doorstep.  We know that we are blessed for a lifetime by your knowledge, resourcefulness, 'courage', and devotion to caring.  We are also grateful beyond words for your intense ability to ignore criticism and push, boldly outside of the box.  We know without 'that' we would not have conquered this 'thing'...'that' and oh yeah, your kind ability to have confidence in us...and to work so generously with our 'crazy' ideas. 

We would feel remiss if we did not mention how intensely attached we became to every member of your staff.  That we did not mean it lightly when we mentioned (during the last few months), how we missed our 'family'.  They are tops in the people department...every single one of them, not to mention, talented.  We are grateful for every detail; large and small, that each one of them has given to us...and will never forget the 'above and beyonds' from Deedee, Jo, Nicki, Pam and Marci.  As we write this letter, we realize; it is as much meant for the staff as it is meant for you.  Would you kindly consider sharing it with them?  We would greatly appreciate it.  Please, also email us your days and hours so that we could stop by to see you, perhaps at the 'end' of your day, so that we could sneak in a word and a hug.  In closing: in having been extremely candid with regards to our sentiments towards your practice...we know how difficult it is to find healing environments for the sick and chronically ill.  We hope that our sentiments will help to encourage especially those who have lost hope, to seek help beyond traditional means.  We 'also' hope that people like you, will start to restore the faith that has been lost in medicine today.     

With our deepest sincerity, and love, Pua, John and Kai.

Marti E.

I have been plagued with a chronic skin condition for five long years, referred to as Morgellons Disease.  This disease is vicious and aggressive, causing open sores and lesions.  Each sore can last from six months to a year to subside and it has caused me facial disfigurement.  My nose has been partially eaten away.
I have gone to the emergency room in pain from these lesions, suffering embarrassment and hopelessness.  Doctors refuse to recognize this disease and make the suffering worse by saying it’s psychosomatic and delusional.  It’s heartless and destructive to tell someone with this disease they are delusional, when they are clearly suffering pain from a face covered over in sores and scabs, and embarrassment from the disfigurement this disease causes.
No matter what anti-biotic I have been given in the past, it has only caused the sores to begin healing and subside for three days, and then come back with a vengeance, stronger than before.  This disease is alive and strong and quickly adapts, becoming immune to whatever drug tries to attack it.
I’ve been to many doctors, dermatologists, and emergency rooms seeking relief and have continued to suffer miserably. I am unable to work and had to close my business of seventeen years.  I became homebound for the next five years.  The facial disfigurement, sores and large scabs caused people to stare.  I have felt helpless and alone trying to cope with this disease.  It has left me with feelings of great despair.

I also suffer from diagnosed, chronic fatigue syndrome, that keeps me  in bed for months at a time.  Medical doctors have also been unable to relieve me from my chronic fatigue. It was my lack of energy and seeking relief for my chronic fatigue that I heard of the specialist medical clinic in Torrance, California, The Holtorf Medical Group and Dr. Wayne Wightman.  It’s quite a distance to travel, but I would go across the world to find relief, as would others I have spoken to regarding Morgellons disease.

I sought out Dr. Wightman for my Chronic Fatigue, but while in his office for the initial consultation, my discussion of despair regarding Morgellons Disease took over the conversation.  Dr. Wightman assured me he had seen this type of skin disease before and was able to help others.  He thought he could help me too.  Imagine!  A doctor that recognized a visual, physical problem and offered medical help.

I wanted and needed medical help and recognition desperately, but I found it hard to believe that anyone could help me, and I told Dr. Wightman  how long I have suffered, and the failure and skepticism of other medical doctors. I told Dr. Wightman this disease seemed immune, resilient and disfiguring.  He offered me assurance and used the word “aggressive” in describing his treatment.  Only a doctor that understands would use the word “Aggressive,” which tells me this doctor was willing to fight this with me.

I have been following Dr. Wightman’s prescribed medication for three months.  The dosage has been steadily and safely increased.  This disease has tried to fight back and immune itself to every medication in the past, but Dr. Wightman listens to his patients.  In my case, as the disease becomes immune to the medication and the dosage, Dr. Wightman understands and authorizes an increase.  This disease is strong and has a mind of it’s own, but thankfully, it has finally come up against a medical professional that is smart, open-minded, understanding and aggressive towards its treatment.

It has been three months and my face no longer has open sores or scabs.  Other parts of my body are still healing and I recognize this disease is still inside of me, but it is diminishing.  Thankfully, Dr. Wightman is continuing to fight this with me and will continue to be aggressive in the treatment of this horrible disease, no matter how long it takes.  I have improved remarkably.  I no longer have feelings of hopelessness and despair.  I can leave my house and go out in public without being embarrassed.

I confidently recommend Dr. Wightman to others.

Lisa M.

My thyroid symptoms started in Oct 2003, but were not diagnosed until Oct 2005. I was given Synthroid, but did not feel better. I was still sick all the time, exhausted and in pain. I quit my job and could hardly get out of bed, but could not sleep. I felt like the walking dead and was treated like a crazy hypochondriac. I saw at least 20 doctors in four years and was completely under, over and incorrectly diagnosed with several conditions and none at all. I found Holtorf Medical in Feb 2008 and they have been a lifesaver. They believed me when I said I didn't feel well and ran the medical tests to find out why. They prescribed the right combination of compound thyroid, hormonal and nutritional supplements. It's been less than six months and I already feel better.

Haden Y.

Dear Dr. Holtorf,

I am writing you this report on my husband's response to Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) so that you can show it to other doctors who are considering it as a treatment for age-related memory loss, so please feel free to show this to anyone you choose.
My husband, Ed, turned 79 four months ago.  For about six years, he's been in a state of gradual mental decline.  This has been almost completely short-term memory loss; his personality has not changed, and he knows where he is and what day it is, although there have been a few, transient episodes of greater confusion, especially late at night (after a glass or two of wine), and on waking up.  He continues his passionate interests in politics and music, but he often repeats himself and his questions five or more times.  In an oral test of ten questions given by a neurologist about two years ago, the only question he failed was to repeat a list of three item (ball, flag, and club) a few minutes after he'd been asked to remember it.
Dr. Holtorf started Ed on LDN a month ago.  In the meantime, we have relocated from Los Angeles to Beaufort, South Carolina, a place we had never been before in either of our lives.  Two weeks ago, we moved into a house which is eight miles from all shopping, and which has a floor plan completely different from the house we left.  (Having spent two months in the interim with my sister, in a house Ed knew but was getting lost in, I despaired of his ability to navigate the new house, and the new route.  At her house, he repeatedly guessed wrong which house we were staying in, and got lost looking for the powder room.)
But after he started the LDN, I noticed he was having more spontaneous recall of names and events than he had been having.  Encouraged by that, I began to push him a little harder to remember things.  While he still has difficulty forming new memories, he appears to be forming them more easily, more often.  When pressed, he can remember things I am sure he would not have remembered a couple of months ago (the name of the new town; when his son is coming to visit; which house is ours; the landmarks to make the four turns necessary to get home, where the bathrooms are in the new house.)
This is just after the first month, after six years of decline!!  He is talking now about trying to read a book again, a joy he had given up on.  He has maintained the ability to read the paper, but a book.....And his sons have both noticed a difference, they tell me.  I don't think there's really any doubt that he has improved markedly.
We pray the improvement continues.  Even if it just levels out and stays here, he's so much better, and we are so happy.  We can never, never thank you enough for all you have done, and continue to do, for us.  I don't think we could LIVE without you!!

Sydney C.

I do not even know where to begin my rave review of Dr. Wightman and the Holtorf Medical Group. I feel as though I have absolutely been reborn!

Approximately 5 months ago I visited Dr. Wightman after feeling utterly defeated in my quest for sound medical assistance. For years I have suffered from a variety of different ailments that seriously impacted every day of my life. Over a period of around 8 years I sought help from 4 endocrinologists, 3 naturopathic doctors, and numerous internists to try and get some relief.

The problems with my body were as follows:

Complete inability to lose weight (no matter what I did)
Puffy eyes
Heart palpitations
Night sweats
Hot flashes
Hair loss
Extreme dry skin & nails
No Libido
Dry Vagina
Memory loss
Sleep problems
Severe jet lag
Poor tolerance for stress

In my quest for help, I began doing my own medical "sleuth" work, and discovered that I had severe thyroid problems, (no thanks to any of the endocrinologists I visited, one whom said, "You have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, but you really don't need anything for it"!!!!)

My symptoms had finally become so extreme that I basically was unable to eat a normal diet without gaining weight. I ended up on around 800 to 1000 calorie a day diet, and maintained. If I ate more I could gain 5 lbs in just a few days. I felt so deprived!!!

Finally, my daughter (whom also has Hashimotos) discovered the Holdorf Medical Group. She began talking to me about what Dr. Wightman discussed with her, and I made an appointment immediately.

From my first appointment I could tell that this person knew what he was talking about!!! Hormones play an enormous role in our body's health. So the very happy ending to this story is ALL MY SYMPTOMS HAVE DISAPPEARED!!!!!! I have just lost 15 pounds. I have boundless energy. The most amazing part to this story is that I did not even realize that some of what is listed above were symptoms!!! I just thought they were part of getting older. Honestly, I did not know that no libido, dry skin, memory loss, sleep problems and a low tolerance for stress were abnormal symptoms until they went away!!!!

I will be living half the year in Seattle starting soon, BUT I WILL ALWAYS SEE DR. Wightman as my primary physician. He has truly saved my life, and I am so grateful for his care!!!!!!

I cannot thank you enough.
(My daughter has also been greatly benefited by Dr. Whitman's care)

Bonnie L.

When I came first came to Dr. Holtorf in October 2003, I was exhausted, depressed and suffered from severe anxiety. The exhaustion and anxiety were so bad it kept me from functioning normally. I had been to my regular physician three times in the past year asking to have my thyroid levels checked, and each time she told me that they were fine. I had my first son a October 2002, so I figured I was suffering from post-partum depression and post-partum anxiety. In August 2003 I was weaning my son in preparation to take psychotropic drugs as a way to manage these mental health issues. Through a twist of fate I was led to Dr. Holtorf instead, and he changed my life dramatically.

He ran a lot of blood tests, and he did determine that my thyroid was not functioning normally. In addition he found issues with my adrenal glands, probably caused by the excessive stress I had been under. He immediately gave me a special, custom-compounded thyroid medication specifically made for my chemistry, as well as medication for my adrenal glands. Within ONE week the depression and anxiety vanished — they were COMPLETELY GONE! It was like a miracle. And a beautiful side-effect was that I finally started losing weight, something I had struggled with since puberty.

Dr. Holtorf truly practices proactive, cutting-edge medicine. It really does feel like he works miracles. I have referred several friends to him, and they have all had the same reaction. My family is considering moving away from the Torrance area, but no matter where I move I will fly back to see Dr. Holtorf. There is nobody else I would trust to manage my thyroid issues. Thank you so much, Dr. Holtorf!!

It brings tears to my eyes to write this. He really made a huge difference for me. Thank God he is willing to challenge the norm and go out into the unknown and explore real healing.

Blessings and light,

Renna D.

I was diagnosed with extreme Hypothyroidism in 2003 after a trip to the emergency room. I had no idea what was wrong with me. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, ringing in my ears, heavy and frequent menstrual cycle, dizziness, hoarse voice, etc.... I didn't know that much about hypothyroidism so I began to educate myself by reading almost every book written about the topic. I started seeing an Endocrinologist. After a few of months of taking a T4 medicine, I started to feel only slightly better. Then after a year passed, I started to feel horrible again as if all my original symptoms were coming back. According to this doctor, all my labs came back perfectly normal. I continued to complain about the way I felt and I would get the same phone call, that my labs were normal. It was so disheartening. I brought in books and showed this doctor what other doctors had written about normal lab results and still having symptoms. I was simply dismissed with some quick explanation as to why the book was possibly incorrect. A doctor is someone you are supposed to trust with your life. When you go to someone who is a specialist in their field, you expect them to at least try and figure out what is wrong. When they don't care enough about the patient to follow it through, then it's time to make a change. I followed my instincts and I did just that.

I was referred to Dr. Holtorf and from the first visit I knew that I had finally made a connection with a doctor that was different in a better way. The testing he does is so much more extensive. Dr. Holtorf's labs showed that my thyroid was indeed, still low functioning. I also had the reverse T3 going on and my antibodies were really high. It all made sense as to why I felt the way I did. I went on the T4/T3 combo and what a difference! He took his time to explain things to me and he assured me that I was going to start feeling better soon. I believed him and he was right! It's been almost two years now and I feel so great! In addition to the thyroid medication that I take, Dr. Holtorf has put me on wonderful vitamins that help strengthen my immune system. He encouraged me to exercise more, so I've taken up tennis and I love it! I don't remember feeling this healthy before I even had a thyroid issue.

My body now feels strong and healthy. I am so grateful to Dr. Holtorf for helping me to get to this point. " Dr. Holtorf you are so good at what you do, that someone needs to tell Oprah about you!"

Carl W. M.D. (Medical Doctor)

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to everyone at the offices of Holtorf Medical Group, Inc. Over the past few years, dealing with the consequences of hormonal changes during perimenopause has been quite stressful, and for me life-threatening. The physical and especially the emotional strain can, at times, seem unbearable. And searching for natural, medical solutions is so complicated, even for me as a physician.

I was so excited to find the Holtorf Group on-line, and I have not been disappointed!  After I saw Dr. Koftan the first time, I felt so relieved. I knew I was getting the medical management I needed, naturally. Since using bioidentical hormone replacement, my life has truly changed for the better.  I have experienced such an improvement in my physical health and emotional stability.  With your complete hormonal evaluation, it also turned out that I needed thyroid hormone replacement as well. Now I continue to make my way back to "normal".

I am so grateful, on a daily basis, for the availability of bioidentical hormone replacement, and for the work that all of you do at the Holtorf Medical Group. Thank you!!

Kim R.

I am 44 years old and have suffered a variety of serious health problems for most of my life, including endometriosis - for which I have had 7 surgeries - asthma, and shingles. In the past two years, I was seen by a wide variety of doctors for severe fatigue, edema (20+ lbs. weight gain), and vertigo. After exhaustive tests and consultations, several physicians advised me there was nothing wrong with me, while several advised me I had Lupus, despite having a very low positive ANA test.

Meanwhile, my health deteriorated and I could barely walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without being out of breath and dizzy, my cognitive abilities had declined markedly (I am an attorney, and was unable to think clearly enough to do the simplest work), and my stomach was so full of water that I could barely eat. A well-known UCLA endocrinologist tested my thyroid, and even though I tested positive for Hashimoto's disease, he asserted that he was "absolutely sure that my illness had nothing to do with my thyroid" because my thyroid levels were "normal."

Finally, desperate and depressed, in February of 2007 I found the Holtorf Medical Group's website and called for an appointment. The staff was extremely attentive and knowledgeable, and my visit with Dr. Shah was the best medical exam I have ever had. She listened patiently to the narrative of my many symptoms, and she answered every question I posed with thoughtful, professional, and empathetic responses. She also quickly zeroed in on the most salient facts regarding my health, spotting possible links between seemingly disparate symptoms, which many other doctors had failed to do.

After testing, Dr. Shah discussed the results with me: not only was I severely hypothyroid (I had myxedema from being hypothyroid for such a long duration), but I also had a mycoplasma pneumonia infection, which was causing many unexplained symptoms, and concurrent HHV-5 & HHV-6 infections.

Now, four months later, after being on thyroid medication, supplements, B-12 injections, and antibiotics for the mycoplasma, I feel better than I have in my entire life. Although I am not 100% yet - I still have the edema, which take some time to subside, and my immune system is not yet at its optimal level - each month I feel stronger, and with the addition of healthy food and moderate exercise, I am confident that I will be feeling much better over the next few months.

Although I am not given to so-called "profound" statements, I must say that Dr. Shah and the Holtorf Medical Group saved my life. I was extremely ill and had been to so many physicians who either did not have the time or the expertise to diagnose my condition correctly; I had lost my COBRA healthcare coverage after many months of being on disability; and I was unsure whether I would ever be able to practice my profession. Now, I look forward to being able to return to work in a couple of months, and to actually living my life, instead of simply enduring constant pain, depression, and ill health.

Thank you, Dr. Shah.

Anne S.

My problem with hypothyroidism remained undiagnosed for most of my adult life. I had earlier (1994) had a complete hysterectomy for very heavy bleeding during my periods, one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. During the last three years, I have been having increasing problems with fatigue and sleepiness, dry skin on the bottoms of my feet and on my legs, a lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, and occasional panics. My body temperature was 96.2 degrees; I had always had icy cold hands and feet. I was unable to lose weight; in fact I was gaining while I was dieting. Although I had been seen by several physicians during that time, no one had mentioned that the problems I was having might be associated with the malfunctioning of my thyroid gland.

Then I began to experience numbness and tingling in my feet and hands, and knew that something was wrong. I looked up all the diseases that might cause this symptom (peripheral neuropathy) and the only one that was a match for the increasing physical symptoms that I was having was hypothyroidism. I asked my physician to please check my thyroid function, which he did. The test came back with a report of a “normal” thyroid function.

Knowing, however, what I had already learned about hypothyroidism, I turned to the Internet where I found out about the Holtorf Clinic. I made an appointment, took with me a copy of the lab report, and apologized to Dr. Shah at the Clinic for requesting a second opinion when I had in my hand the lab report saying that my thyroid was normal.

Before coming to the Holtorf Clinic, the doctors who had tried to help me regain my health, had been treating the resulting physical symptoms I was having, rather than finding and treating the actual cause—hypothyroidism.

It took Dr. Shah about fifteen minutes to suspect what was wrong. She was careful and thorough. She did a full panel of tests to check my thyroid function including testing for the “reverse T3” level, as well as testing the other hormone levels in my body. She said that they all play a part in one’s total health picture. Her diagnosis in my case was hypothyroidism. According to the lab report, my body was not utilizing the thyroid hormone properly to support the complex of physical systems in my body. Instead it was converting it into “reverse T3.” “Reverse T3” is what the body converts extra thyroid hormone into to remove it from its regulatory activity of the body’s natural processes.

This is the beginning of the fourth month since that initial appointment at the Holtorf Clinic with Dr. Shah. My whole experience is transformed! My activity level is back to nearly normal. I am no longer feeling fatigued and sleepy. I am not falling asleep during the day. I feel twenty years younger. The anxiety, the depression, and panic attacks—all are gone. The skin on my feet and legs is healing. I can concentrate. The numbness in my toes and the tingling sensations are gone!

Dr. Poorvi Shah and the people at the Holtorf Clinic have my deepest admiration, respect and gratitude for helping me to regain my good health and return to a normal life! If you are suffering from symptoms that remain undiagnosed and that might be caused by hypothyroidism, believe in yourself. Respect what your body is trying symptomatically to let you know. You deserve a better life and there are people at the Holtorf Clinic who can and will help you recover.

Ron M.

Being a man who never would want to go to doctors other than for a checkup. I did not want to take the advice of my wife and set an appointment to see Dr. Wightman at Holtorf Medical; Group. However, after 5 years of feeling like I was always running out of gas after I came home from work and finding myself just wanting to do nothing but eat food, sit and watch TV, I decided to finally take my wife’s suggestion and visit Dr. Wightman to see what he could do for me. 

After taking blood tests, I had no idea that my “numbers” were so far off and to be honest with you, even after Dr. Wightman carefully explained it to me, I still do not totally understand all the medical numbers. However after treatment, now I feel like I was when I was 35.  My clarity is a night to day difference and my energy levels are back to where I used to be.  I am also finding that I am eating a lot less, I used to have strong salt cravings and now they are 10% of what they used to be. I even found myself asking my wife if she would like to go on a walk with me!  Now that is something.  I now have the desire to exercise where before I rarely was able to talk myself into it.  

Even though I am a very busy business man, but I did want to take the time to encourage other men to visit these doctors because they are very good at what they do. They really helped improve the quality of my life.

Bebe M.

Hi Dr. Holtorf,

Thank you for giving me back my life. I know that sounds like an over-statement, but when I first came to see you in November of 2005, I was so sick and so tired that I felt like I was at the end of my rope.

First, I suppose it might be helpful to others to know that I am 51, and I had always been extremely active, have run my own court reporting agency since 1988, and have taught up to five exercise classes a week and did some personal training at various gyms around town.

It seems to me like it was shortly after I began to take Effexor for back pain and fatigue, sometime in around 1999, that I gradually became more and more tired and began to hurt all over. I felt like I was dying. I simply couldn't stay awake literally if my life depended on it. I remember that once I even slept right through the time I was supposed to be at jury duty. I couldn't even hear an alarm clock. For the first time in my life, I was useless.

When I decided to stop taking Effexor in September 2004 things got even worse. I completely fell apart, was in the most horrific pain that I could imagine, nearly all the time, couldn't do just about anything at all, had something like colitis for over a year, had full-blown anxiety for the first time in my life. I had no clue what had happened to my once healthy body, and my wonderful internist didn't seem to be able to help me.

I actually found your name on a website and read that you specialized in helping people with problems like mine, and since I couldn't continue to live like this for much longer, I decided to give your office a call. It was truly the best thing that I ever did. Dr. Holtorf, after four years, I'm back to running my business myself again rather than having others do it for me, and I'm able to do it with relative ease. This past weekend, I took Tae Bo classes with Billy Blanks on both Saturday and on Sunday. The Sunday class was an hour and a half; and I was still able to continue with my regular workout schedule on Monday morning. No morning after headache!! I happily wake up at 6:00 every day with or without the alarm clock.

I'm not saying that I'm never in pain because sometimes I am, but it's no where near as severe, and I am able to recover much more quickly than I was able to before I came to see you. I'm able to work through just about anything that comes my way with just a little rest. For over a year I would get a severe migraine after a serious workout, and that just doesn't happen anymore. I'm no longer stuck in bed all day. Yes, I do pace myself and try to rest between activities so that I don't overdo it or put too big a burden on my immune system, but that is a tiny price to pay to be sure that I continue to lead an active life. Dr. Holtorf, you have truly given me back the joy in my life, and I am more grateful to you than words can possibly express. Another thing that is important to me is how kind and caring the staff in your office is. They are always so helpful and a joy to speak with.

Maryann H.

Hello Dr. Wightman,

I am writing with deep regret to inform you that my father, Leonard, does not want to continue my mother’s care in your excellent program. My mother, Katherine came to you in critical condition and has shown tremendous improvement in the 120+ days on your program. Her neurologist and HMO M.D. after 1.5 years were unable to show any improvement or results, which led to my seeking your help. Ending this program will mean that she will slump back into a critical situation, sleeping all the time, no motivation, no interest in life, balding, mood swings, depressed, anxious, panic attacks, and in a fog. I am confidant that my father does not realize that her drastic improved condition is thanks to your excellent care and products. He seems to forget that just 5 short months ago she was a zombie, nonfunctioning and not participating in daily life. We came to you at a point where our only alternatives seemed to be a full time nurse or in-house convalescent care as she was grossly declining. In a short time, you were able to bring my mother back to a functioning person interested in daily life. How sad to lose this opportunity due to my father’s desire to quit the program.

Recently, when we visited the neurologist to inform him that you had added the prescription Namenda to assist with Alzheimer’s progression, he told my father that he thought alternative natural medicines were not worth pursuing. He urged my father to drop your program with no regard for my facts presented as to all the areas she improved in. He blindly listened to this doctor to stop your treatments. No matter how hard I fought, nobody seemed to care to review the facts. I reminded all parties that you were very clear when you stated that you made no promise to cure Alzheimer’s, only to improve her various other physical deficits.

We saw results within two weeks of starting just a portion of your program and those results have increased throughout the program. You have improved her thyroid, adrenals, chronic fatigue, cholesterol, energy level, hair loss, skin quality, panic attacks, mood swings, hormone function, depression, sleep disorders, appetite, living in a fog and much more! I have watched my mother “come back to life”, laughing and playing catch with her grandson, taking an interest in life and enjoying interacting with people again. She has stopped her constant arguing, mood swings and nasty attitude and found her old loving caring personality again. She keeps up with conversations and laughs often. I have pointed out that you never promised to cure Alzheimer’s. And only hoped to bring back a functioning active daily life….which you have achieved with great success!

In spite of this, my father, based on the recommendation of the doctor who could not and did not help her, has cancelled our follow-up visit this week to your office and refused to book further visits. He is slowly depleting all the supplements and does not plan to refill any of them once they are gone. Since he is her spouse and in charge of her care, and he controls all the finances in their marriage, I have no means of taking over her care nor protesting his choices. I can only hope that when he sees her decline in stopping your program, perhaps he will hear my plea to return to you and your care. If I could pay for this program myself and get him to allow me to transport her to see you, I would do it. I can not get any cooperation from my father or other relatives to allow me this privilege. It is a sad and heart breaking series of events.

I think you and your facility and program are wonderful and I have sent family and friends your information in hope of giving them a better quality of life. I am also planning a consultation with you in the near future for my personal care. Your program is of great value to any person who feels that their doctors have ignored their symptoms and failed to provide quality results and I would recommend you highly always!

Please pray for my family that my mother can return to your care and my father will invest in the great results again! Thank you for everything you have done for my mother!

Laura H.

I have suffered with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for over 10 years. I quite playing all the sports I have loved my whole life. I went from doctor to doctor; specialists, nutritionists, healers, etc and spent thousands of dollars to no avail. Then I stumbled across the Holtorf Center on the internet. I NOW BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Dr. Shah has given my life back. I will be forever grateful.

Vicki B.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 9 years ago and had a very difficult time regulating my thyroid with either extreme fatigue and depression when my thyroid was lowered or anxiety, insomnia and palpitations after several days to weeks if it was increased. I  could not get regulated. During that time I had sought out and traveled to see some of this county’s leading endocrinologists and other physicians, conventional and alternative, that specialize and have written books on the treatment of hypothyroidism. I had been to over 20 physicians and had been placed on and attempted to be regulated on Synthroid and Levoxyl with and without Cytomel, Armour thyroid, compounded T4/T3 and compounded T3. I could never get regulated and never felt good.

Dr. Holtorf did an extensive review of my previous meds and how I felt on each and did more extensive testing that the other doctors. He showed me on paper how straight timed released T3 was the best preparation for me. I had already been on that type of preparation, but I was still encouraged as he obviously new more than any of the other doctors. He told me how compounded T3 formulas from most compounding pharmacies are not absorbed well and why it is not usually dosed appropriately

I immediately started feeling better, but was sill worried that I would start to feel anxious. Well, it has been over six months and I still feel great. My energy is great, my depression is gone, and I sleep great and have had no anxiety or palpitations. I still cannot believe that Dr. Holtorf was able to fix in 3 visits what could not be done in 9 years by all these “experts”.

Brandee L.

Dear Dr. Holtorf,

You changed my life. I had been taking Synthroid for about 15 years. My mother had hypothyroidism, and my aunt had fibromyalgia. Over the last several years, I was feeling increasingly fatigued, to the point where I could hardly get through my days. Since I teach dance, my fatigue was literally affecting my livelihood. I recognized other symptoms I was having as being related to low thyroid, so I finally went to “the best endocrinologist in Newport Beach.” This highly-recommended doctor confirmed I had Hashimoto’s Disease, and told me to keep taking the Synthroid and come back in a few months!

Needless to say, I was not satisfied with that “treatment.” So I set off to find “Dr. Right.”

I knew upon my first visit in fall, 2004, that I was going to get better. Within a few months, I lost 20 pounds, and 20 more soon followed. My "bad" cholesterol, which was ridiculously high, is now normal. Insulin is now normal. Iron is now normal. Virtually EVERYTHING is now where it should be!

I am not feeling fatigued like I was, and I don't have leg cramps, muscle pain or even my migraines anymore! I now actually have a “libido,” and I think I went through menopause and didn’t even notice! (This after 20 years of severe PMS and PMDD!!!!) In fact, I feel so great, that there are days I can actually make my university dance students have to work to keep up with ME! Hahaha

I am so happy! I feel soooo much better; and I look better, too! I've gone from hearing comments like, "You look tired," and "Your face looks puffy," to "You look great. Did you get work done?" LOVE IT!

Thanks to you, and your fabulous staff, I can honestly tell anyone going through this that there is hope!

Thank you again, Dr. Holtorf, for changing, no, saving my life.

Jenn R.

I have been a patient with Dr. Shah at the Holtorf Medical Group for 3 months. I was officially diagnosed by a rheumatologist with fibromyalgia 6 years ago. I can track symptoms back to the age of 8. With treatments, I had been getting continually worse especially in 2006. My symptoms were IBS, extreme fatigue, pain in neck, back joints, migraines, depression, sleeplessness and heavy periods. I was at a total loss after seeing 10 different doctors and specialists. I found the Holtorf Medical Group on the internet during one of my sleepless nights.

Since my first visit until now I can see the light! Dr. Shah was the first doctor to look me in the eye and tell me “you are going to start feeling better.” I am telling everyone I know that I am feeling better and I can see my future again.

Caroline P.

It took nearly my lifetime to find a doctor who can accurately diagnose all of my health problems. I had always had cold hands and feet, wearing sox to bed as a child and dry flaky skin--symptoms of hypothyrodism that were overlooked. By the time I entered college at the University of Chicago, I started to experience severe mood swings and fell in and out of depression. I had been to see 2 endocrinologists at this time, both who told me that my TSH was borderline normal and that I was fine. I managed somehow to graduate, but by this time, my energy level was low, my weight gain was unnatural, and I complained of upper back stiffness, in addition to IBS/digestive problems. I finally convinced a doctor to place me on synthyroid T4 & T3 combination. It was virtually impossible to find an endo who even heard of time-release T3, let alone saw the necessity for taking T3. When asked about bioidentical hormones, my previous endocrinologist had a blank look as though he never even heard of such a thing. I functioned, but my adrenal glands crashed, and I became completely bedridden. Now, I found myself convincing my family doctor to send me to UCLA for ACTH test for adrenal function. Once again, told that my cortisol level was only “slightly” below normal, the doctors ignored my symptoms.

Over 10 years of my life was spent convincing doctors that I was not feeling fine. Much to my insult, I was even told by one chair of endocrinology dept at a major university hospital to go see a psychiatrist. Even my then fiancé, a Cambridge-Guys Hospital educated doctor, told me to seek counseling. I had hit rock bottom mentally and physically, when I typed in “Top Thyroid Doctors” for an online research and came across few doctors name, but Dr. Kent Holtorf’s patient testimonials stood out among all the rest.

I visited Dr. Holtorf’s office in person to make my first appointment and picked up all of his handouts on all the hormones, CFS, neurotoxin, fibromyalgia, etc. After reading almost all of his literature, I knew I had finally found the right doctor, even before meeting him. He was the first doctor who seems to have read, researched, and actually utilized the latest medical findings in his practice. Confident that I had found the right doctor, who I would not have to convince of my illness, I looked forward to my first appointment.

On my first visit, Dr. Holtorf automatically asked me about what I considered to be minor symptoms, such as if I ever had canker sores inside of my mouth and if the bottom of my feet were yellow. He explained the former was yeast related and the latter was hypothyroid related. In addition to the existing hypothyrodism & adrenal fatigue, I was diagnosed with multi hormonal deficiency resulting from pituitary dysfunction and coagulation defect. Since seeing Dr. Holtorf and being placed on bioidentical hormones, I’m happy to say that I’m no longer bedridden.

Having seen the Holtorf Medical Group’s seminar presentation on dvd, I became informed not only about the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones, but also about cyclical effects of CFS/Fibromyalgia/immune deficiency/hormone imbalance/coagulation defect/viral, fungal, bacterial infections/neurotoxins. Dr. Holtorf doesn’t merely treat hypothyrodism, he has researched and offers a research-based medical explanation for the underlying cause which is all interconnected. His systematic treatment protocol is very well thought out and organized. His anti-aging theory—the use of bio-identical hormones for age-related hormone decline, not merely for cosmetic reasons, but so that we can age with dignity (so that we will not have to be placed in a nursing home to live out the rest of our lives, reduced in our functioning capacity)—is cutting-edge and thought provoking.

Additionally, in light of many other major medical studies showing hormone-related causes for various types of cancer, the medical community should keep their eye out for the Holtorf Medical Group’s research work. I would highly recommend that all 7 of my previous endocrinologists, including 2 chairs of department of endocrinology at major university hospitals be given the Holtorf Group’s seminar dvd, or be educated by Dr. Kent Holtorf so that another patient will not have to suffer the way I did for over a decade of his life.

A good doctor is a necessity to living life and the best asset, a person can have. Health is not merely the absence of disease as so many M.D.s out there are taught to believe, rather health is functioning at optimal level, full of energy. Dr. Holtorf is a doctor who not only listens to his patients’ symptoms, but also believes in getting to the cause of the patient’s illness in treating the patient so that he functions at his best. He is not a doctor fearful of patients’ questions, rather he encourages his patients to ask and learn. How many of us have encountered a doctor like that in our lifetime?

It’s not a matter of Oprah, the Nobel Prize in Medicine Committee should be forwarded his seminar dvd. After all, what is the value of a major university lab medical research or a clinical research, if the doctor is not able to apply it in practice, effectively treat his patients and offer explanation to the person who needs it the most—his patients? How many of us have been turned down as patients just because we don’t fit into the medical textbook image of disease subject? Thank God, I finally found a great doctor with excellent listening skill, who treats me as a fellow human being and who utilizes integrated approach (combination of medical as well as holistic/nutritional-supplemental approach in treatment).

Thank you Dr. Kent Holtorf and staff.

Neil M.

I am a 40 year old man, but when I met Dr. Holtorf I had the growth hormone level of a 90 year old man and was among the sickest 2.5% of the population with multiple bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.  I also had pituitary dysfunction, hypothyroidism, testosterone deficiency, and adrenal fatigue.  Getting my 4 year old dressed for school was all the physical exertion I could manage for a day.  Sleep disturbances and brain fog brought on by a coagulation defect made me feel like a zombie.  I could concentrate for only an hour a day and had daily sore throats and low fevers.  My health forced me from my executive position as the top non-owner executive for an international security service firm which employs over 30,000 people.
In just seven months Dr Holtorf restored my health and vitality to that of a 29 year old.  Each day I grow stronger and more vibrant.  Dr. Holtorf didn't just give my life back, he gave me the life of my dreams.  I enjoy restorative sleep and thrive on 30 minutes a day of  vigorous weight training.  I have returned to work 50 hours a week.  I am a loving husband, have an active social life and am an involved parent to a 6-year old daughter and 4 1/2 year old son.
Dr. Holtorf's aggressive multifaceted treatment protocol for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome works.  While some may label aspects of his approach as "alternative" or even "experimental" medicine as a cured patient I would simply call it effective medicine. 
I literally owe my life to Dr. Holtorf.  Thank you so much for the application of your expertise.

Marjorie H.

I just wanted to say that Dr. White is an amazing person. From the 1st time I met her I was happy with her professionalism. I have been going to Dr. White for 1 year now and I have moved out of California but I still fly back for my Dr. visits because she know me inside and out and I trust her judgment very much. I would not go to anyone else but I would recommend her to everyone else. Thanks DeeDee White I am so happy I found you.

Lani T.

I'm a 50-year-old woman whom was suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms and was beginning to think I was just going to have to accept them until I met Dr. Wightman. It is amazing what we get use to feeling like and accept as “the norm”. I had been half joking half complaining to my GYN of 25 years, of the following symptoms for the past 2 years:

  • Extreme fatigue to where I had a difficult time completing my regular exercise routine and I had to take daily naps
  • Constant PMS symptoms
  • Monthly outbreaks of shingles
  • Lack of motivation
  • No sex drive
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Dry skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Joint aches and stiffness
  • Weak bladder
  • Migraine headaches
  • Constipation
  • Night Sweats
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heavy periods

Her reply was, you need to start taking cholesterol and blood pressure lowering medications. I was already taking two medications for my headaches and shingles. She also suggested seeing an urologist and getting another drug for my weak bladder. She would laugh and say, "Wait until you get to my age you won't have any memory or the ability to multi-task." I refused to accept what she was saying and started to do some research on my own, that is when I found Dr. Wightman on the Internet.

It's been pretty easy; after Dr. Wightman ordered a complete set of blood tests along with listening to my woes he was able to prescribe the correct bio-identical hormones and vitamin supplements for me. On my return visits he has made some minor adjustments to my prescriptions and supplements as needed. I also come into his office for a weekly B12 injection that I feel is giving me an added boost.

I've been pleasantly surprised, the majority of my list of complaints were gone within two months of seeing Dr. Wightman. I feel so much better and looking forward to even better results!

Now if he could just adjust my 16 year-old son's attitude as easily, life would be perfect!

Theresa P.

Dear Dr. O'Neill,
I was in your office Feb 12th feeling very fatigued. Today is February 14th and I what to thank you for giving me my life back. I have not felt this good in years. I guess I really didn't realize how fatigued I really was all these years as always try and keep negative energies away from my thoughts. I cannot thank you enough for helping me.

Krista Z

I truly want to thank from the bottom of my heart Dr. Holtorf and the staff at Holtorf Medical. I have been a patient for almost two years now and the changes I have seen have been amazing for me. I was diagnosed with what I was sure a complicated and possibly incurable combination of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hypothyroidism and Depression. I am overwhelmed with gratitude after being on treatment even only for a short while due to the incredible results. I never thought I could feel 'normal' ever in my life. The thing is I believe I am going to feel even better as my treatment continues! I have a smile on my face and energy for things in my life, like my 5 year old son, whom I am a single mom to. Dr. Holtorf is a true miracle worker! All along the way, Dr. Holtorf & the staff there has been so patient with me, listening and truly wanting to help with their knowledge and expertise. It is so appreciated! Thank you, I have my well-being and my life back.

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